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But she said it then took her over three years to tell DeGeneres how she felt because she wasn't out. Ellen was out as gay, and had been for a while, but, despite Portia being in a relationship with Francesca Gregorini, she wasn't entirely out to the public. In , a few months after connecting with DeGeneres, de Rossi told The Advocate, " Believe me, I had a very, very long and difficult struggle with my sexuality, " which marked the first time she had openly spoken about her sexuality and her relationship with DeGeneres. She revealed that she had only come out to her grandmother a few days prior.

They moved in with each other in , and were married by In , the Supreme Court of California made it possible for same-sex couples to get married. Soon after, Portia and Ellen were officially married in an intimate wedding ceremony. She continued to professionally go by Portia de Rossi. The couple has made their fair share of appearances in the tabloids for divorce rumors. When asked about the rumors that she and Portia were headed toward a divorce in , De Generes told People magazine, " There's not one ounce of truth to any of it. You have selected a ring setting and a loose diamond separately.

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You already have a ring setting, would you like to change it? You already have a diamond setting, would you like to change it? She was very private. What she was doing was keeping her art very much to itself, but the themes of her life would come out very subtly. He said not at all. With you, did she? Rail : A little bit, not a lot. She had a sense of delicacy about things. She was married at some point; she was involved at another point in this kind of hardcore lesbian scene.

I think in the latter part of her life, I think her interests were more and more toward men. But even if she was going with a guy, it seemed to me that she really identified herself more with the queer world and not with the straight world. I think she identified very strongly with a lot of gay male artists. She absolutely adored Derek Jarman. She was very interested in the trans world. Barron : I did, and I was always amazed. I know how much my wife, Jeannette, a photographer, hates going to art fairs.

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  4. Sheer joy when she saw a friend succeeding. My own time with Ellen was this kind of euphoric experience.

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    She had a funny way of slipping from one world into another. In your article about her for The Nation , you talked about how she would repeat the same image over and over and over. Why would she do that, do you think?


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    Rail : Well, I think whatever the image was, she was committed to getting to the bottom of it. Barron : You had written that it was almost like a mantra.

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    That she was trying to meditate on the image. But maybe I did. Rail : A mantra is not exactly it. She was interested in actually plumbing that image itself and what its possible implications could be, I think.


    I mean, the really good Warhols are the ones that are about something that he was passionate about. He tried it out, but he kept going back to Marilyn or Liz because they had meaning for him that he somehow wanted to approach. Barron : We hope to show some of her films.

    But her films are the missing link in this show.

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    Which is simply made out of, if I recall it correctly, pieces from two different movies that she wove together. And found an incredible synchronicity between horror on one hand and sentimentality on the other. And other works of hers kind of went on from there in more subtle and nuanced ways.

    Her desire to encompass the totality of those contradictory feelings of a single thing was always there.