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She recorded six digs and added one set assist. Baty led the Saxons in set assists with Hilbert managed to build a lead early in the first set before Alfred run to take a lead. AU built a strong, lead to begin the second set before Hilbert scored six, unanswered points to make it a advantage for the Hawks. From there on, it was back-and-forth until AU tied it, and added another nine points and only gave up four to make it a lead.

In the third set, the Saxons built a strong, lead before Hilbert fought back to add seven more points before the Saxons closed the set, and claimed the match. She tacked on three block assists for the remaining 1. Mark Hilbert, managing partner of a Newport Beach-based property management firm, met with Chapman President Daniele Struppa earlier this month to finalize conceptual plans for the project. Struppa, who was traveling in Europe as this piece was being reported and written, could not be reached for comment.

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But his office has always been supportive of the Hilbert Museum, as was the office of his predecessor, longtime president James Doti. It is comprised of thousands of small glass tiles, called tesserae , manufactured by the Murano glass artisans of Venice, Italy. The pieces shimmer in hues of pink, orange, green, purple, silver and gold.

This Sheets, a noted California Scene painter, finished 75 to 80 of these murals, with dozens decorating Home Savings of America buildings throughout California and several other states. Businessman Howard F.

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Ahmanson Sr. Ahmanson and the Politics of the American Dream. Of course, there is a backstory to this mosaic, which is located at Wilshire Blvd. For a while, it was part of a designated landmark for the city of Santa Monica. Groups such as the Santa Monica Conservancy have fought to keep the building and mosaic intact.

Leevan agreed to preserve the mosaic and donate it to the city or a nonprofit organization. We will preserve and take care of it. According to Hilbert, the museum is planning to mount the mosaic on the side of the building, most likely on the side facing the train station. But rare works such as this one, fully intact with a known provenance, could easily sell in the seven figures. In addition to the Sheets mosaic, the museum has accepted two additional artworks from the property owner. They are Richard H. The expansion of the Hilbert Museum is no exception, and it will undergo a careful look by the city, which ultimately maintains approval rights.

The exterior of the Hilbert Museum of California Art.

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The building will undergo a major expansion, nearly tripling its size. There are things the city would not go for. We want to be very respectful of that, and we will be.

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Orange residents know that Chapman University has been growing exponentially over the past couple of decades. The university has more than doubled in size and students over the past 25 years. Its acre footprint north of the Orange Plaza Circle is indelible and undeniable. At the same time, you have people who would like it to stay the way it is and not expand.

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We are a part of this community. We work really hard on issues that put us in a negative light.

The former president oversaw the bulk of those expansion years, serving as president an impressive 25 years from to He also served as interim president. It has surpassed my wildest imagination in terms of its impact, and the incredible community response to it. Doti knows a thing or two about California representational art, which he collects as well.