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She is an high-schooler prepare to hear that a lot whose father left her family several years ago leaving her to live with her mother and little sister. Because of this Misaki is full of hatred for men. Misaki is the president of the student committee and is known as the demon president. But she has a secret. In order to earn a bit of money to help her family she is working in a maid cafe. So of course someone discovers it. And this someone is Takumi Usui. The only person who is a better student than her and who often makes girls cry because he rejects their love confession.

Misaki is mortified. She mana ges to convince him to keep it secret but he keeps tagging along because he finds her interesting. You have guessed it Kaichou wa Maid-sama! It is extremely well executed. The main pair has chemistry and both of the characters are interesting in their own rights.

The cast of secondary characters is colorful and attaching. This manga features a lot of positive female relationships. But the themes of the story are also particularly well treated. It is notably about accepting oneself as we are. There is also the a lot about learning to show vulnerability to your loved ones and I really liked it.

Also the manga is really funny. Like really. I was going to say that I love this two idiots but actually I love all the idiots in this manga. Yona of the Dawn is a jewel. The title character is Yona, the only daughter of the king of the kingdom of Kouka, a sixteen years old girl.

She is living a pretty idle life up until the moment her father is murdered. She is forced to flee the capital in the middle of the night with only her childhood friend and bodyguard, Hak, to keep her safe. Hak is promptly accused of having killed the king and kidnapped Yona so they are both trapped in a never ending flight. Yona decides to start a quest to find the four dragons and be able to make Kouka a better place.

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The four dragons are part of the founding legend of Kouka. And, as she meets the current incarnations of the dragons, it appears that Yona is the reincarnation of Hiryuu.


Yona of the Dawn is an epic story that will delight every fantasy lover. One of its best qualities is its characters. They are incredibly attaching and complex. I still have trouble forgiving him though. Apparently I am the human embodiment of Hak on that. They share a single bonds but every relationship is unique and important. Also I love Hak and Yona slow burn romance.

There is currently no end in sight for Yona of the Dawn. Please Mizuho Kusanagi, keep blessing us with this wonderful manga. Kamisama Kiss is an urban fantasy story taking place in modern day Japan. Nanami Momozono is a poor high-schooler who has to endure her father gambling problems and debts. One day to escape his creditors her father disappears which leaves her homeless what is it with manga and disappearing fathers and homeless teenagers? While despairing in a public park she saves a man from a dog and he offers her to go stay at his home. Turns out his home is a shinto shrine and the man was the god of the place.

The rest of the story features several arcs centering around different figures of Japanese mythology with an overarching plot. Of course there is a romance between Nanami and Tomoe. The manga includes gods, yokai, time travel and high school drama. It is a very energetic story whose mystery is very well handled.

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It features some of my favorite tropes such as villain decay. I love the characters for a change and especially the relation between Tomoe and Akura-Ou. You like Japan, you like urban fantasy, there are good chance you will like Kamisama Kiss. One the two manga on this list that I do not own yet , Namaiki Zakari is a romance manga taking place while its characters are in high school and at university yes!

Yuki Machida is an high-schooler who is also the oldest siblings of 6. Because of the role and responsibility she had to take in her family she is used to not being very assertive with her feelings and desires. But since she has never voiced her feelings the boy ends up going out with another girl.

For the rest of the club Machida is a responsible cold girl who would never start working for the team for such a futile reason as love. However one of the boy, the very talented and nonchalant Sho Naruse, did notice and starts having an interest in Yuki. Ah Yuki you needed someone like Naruse to pierce your tsundere armor. Namaiki Zakari started as a fairly, albeit extremely well executed, traditional shojo manga.

However, the story develops and gets more original with every chapter.

I absolutely love Yuki as a protagonist. She is a very serious very hard working girl always finding time to help others. However she lacks emotional maturity in part because she has always tried to not be a bother. Having this mix of maturity and lack of emotional maturity is very pleasing. I also really like that Naruse is actually younger than her. It is quite unusual in shojo manga, so is having the story continue after high school. Also the manga corrects some of its early mistake such as having a lack of positive female relationship for Yuki outside of her family.

And it works pretty well as a sport manga too. Angel Sanctuary is my most problematic fave. It follows the story of Setsuna Mudo, an high-schooler I promise it is the last story where the main protagonist is in high school who is quite good at finding trouble. But he gets entangle in a cosmic conspiracy. An angel wants to bring back the inorganic angel Rosiel whose has been sealed on earth by his twin sister the organic angel Alexiel.

In the mean time some evils want to bring back Alexiel, who has led an insurrection against God, and has been condemned to reincarnation for her crimes. As it happens Setsuna is the latest reincarnation of Alexiel. Setstuna gets entangled so well that he gets Sara killed, after they declared their love for each other, and destroys Tokyo after awaking his powers. The rest of the story is about Setsuna travelling to hell and heaven to bring his sister back while everyone gets entangled in an even more complicated cosmic situation. If you like complicated and twisted story with characters with more than dubious morality facing cosmic forces and trying to go against cosmic plan get in.

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Angel Sanctuary tells a story of unconditional love all the kind of love not just romantic and where it can leads us. It is also a story about taking responsibility for your actions. It deals with gender issue, predestination etc. I love it, okay? Venus Versus Virus Omnibus Vol. Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol. Jack the Ripper - Hell Blade Vol.

Punch Up Vol. Awkward Silence Vol. Jiu Jiu Vol. Stepping on Roses Vol.

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